New Techniques for Elbow Surgery

Call us at 281-633-8600.  In this video, Dr. J. Michael Bennett discusses recent advances in elbow arthroscopy and minimally invasive surgical techniques. He’s a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon and a Fellowship Trained Sports Doctor serving patients from the Greater Houston area from offices in Sugar Land, TX.

Doctor Bennett on Elbow Arthroscopy & Minimally Invasive Surgery

This is a transcript of the video:

Today I wanted to talk to you about some of the newer techniques regarding elbow surgery. This here is a standard elbow model (he presents an elbow model). As far as the older techniques regarding elbow procedures, particularly when it comes to contracture releases or even removing a loose fragment within a joint, it usually required an open release such as a large incision on the lateral side of the elbow, or the medial side of the elbow.

From Gray's Anatomy
From Gray’s Anatomy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Over the past 10 to 15 years, elbow arthroscopy has become the preferred method regarding the treatment of contracture releases of the elbow or even removing loose fragments within the elbow. Elbow arthroscopy requires two small incisions less than a centimeter in size, one on the medial side, one on the lateral side of the elbow. We put a camera about half the size of this pen within the joint and release some of the scar tissue in the front and manipulate the elbow to get your motion back. A contracture is where you do not have full range of motion of the elbow. Sometimes we have to make an additional incision posteriorly to remove some of the scar tissue at the back of the elbow, to get the flexion back, and this will allow you to gain an acceptable arc of motion. Occasionally there will be bone spurs or even loose fragments in the front or in the back of the elbow that can easily be removed with an arthroscopic scope.

The good news is that this is significantly less invasive than the previous procedures described, and the recovery is significantly faster. And this is an area of expertise that we have been specifically trained on, in arthroscopic and minimally invasive procedures. So if you do indeed have any locking, clicking or pain in the elbow particularly with any flexion or extension, or you notice a loss of motion with the elbow, I would suggest you be evaluated by an orthopedic specialist specifically one trained in orthopedic arthroscopy and minimally invasive procedures.

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